Trophy House and Jones Sports Free Shipping Policy


Shipping will be free for all orders delivered to the “Home” SAF-HOLLAND plant location

of the purchasing employee. Shipments will be consolidated and made weekly on Friday for

all completed orders. The process of ordering, receiving, embroidering, and being ready for

shipment can take up to 7 business days under normal conditions. We do not stock any

apparel. If an order isn’t ready on a Friday, it will go out with the next Friday’s shipment.


Orders will be delivered to the Muskegon plant for Muskegon and Holland and distributed

from there. Orders placed by Cincinnati, Dumas, Wylie, and Warrenton will be consolidated

and shipped to the contact person at those locations. The location for delivery could best be

communicated when filling out the customer information by using “SAF-HOLLAND – Location

in the Company field on the form. Below is a screen shot example of how the customer

information screen would be filled out on the initial visit. On subsequent visits to the

SAF-HOLLAND online store the customer need only provide their last name and email

address and sign in.